Wednesday, May 30, 2007


"The Antichrist"

"Chemical Warfare"

"The Final Command"

Wow ... video footage of a Slayer gig I attended on my 17th birthday at the Ukranian Hall in Flint. First time I ever saw slamdancing and headbanging in real life, this show had a tremendous influence on me. Opening were local bands Genocide (who later morphed into Repulsion and had their own mighty impact on the face of metal) and Dissonance ... this was back when hardcore and metal were two very distinct tribes, so it was fun to watch the metal kids point and laugh while the punks slammed during Dissonance's set, and then watch the punk kids step back and sneer when the metallers stood stock still and banged their heads for Slayer. A few years later the lines blurred, that stupid word "moshing" came into vogue and I started getting a lot more cynical.

Video quality isn't too good, but the historical value is high ... uh, for me, anyhow.

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