Tuesday, January 1, 2008


"Friday At The Hideout"

"It's Cold Outside"

"Farmer John"

"Rip It Up"

"I Can Only Give You Everything"

Live 2007 ... Mark Lansing leads another band of crack players through the attics of his mind, this time to help raise dough for our long-time ally Steve "The Steve" Simonson, who needed expensive surgery earlier in the year.

A Capital City rock mainstay for decades, The Steve drummed for the Wayouts, the Clutters, the Board of Water & Light, Flushbutton and more (not to mention countless country/classic rock cover bands and lounge acts), then ran sound for everybody else. Sold drums at Music Manor, taught audio engineering at Lansing Community College, manned the boards at Harvest Productions, and legend has it that his mellifluous tones were the first sounds heard on Michigan State University's student-run radio station WDBM when it debuted in 1989. Also bartender, Elvis impersonator, raconteur, viper, voiceover artist, puppeteer, house painter, guru and genius, as well as father to Oliver and husband to Lisa.

Anyhow, a few of The Steve's many friends organized a day-long tribute/fundraiser to help cover his hospital costs, and that's where this footage was captured. All hail the Capital City thinktank!

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Dig Killertree Records for more heavier sounds.

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