Saturday, March 24, 2007


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Early 80s, middle school: I trade my 8-track copy of BLIZZARD OF OZZ for a vinyl version of the Ramones END OF THE CENTURY ... makes sense, I don't even own an 8-track player (who does? it's the 80s, gramps, get with it) and "RNR Radio" sounded great on that K-Tel comp my stepsister had. But once I spun the LP at home, I was devastated, felt ripped-off and called my buddy Shawn post-haste -- "take it back, there an't even any GUITAR SOLOS on it!" Give me a break, okay, I went from Randy to Johnny without any mid-way point, it was like being punched underwater. Still, it was this number, "Chinese Rocks" that found itsway into my head before that afternoon was even cool. At this point I didn't know what "digging a Chinese ditch" meant, but it rhymed with "hot as a bitch" and that sounded pretty boss at the time, plus that fuckin' riff ... I fell quickly into lockstep with the Ramones (except for "Baby I Love You," I just didn't understand that one at all) and that's why I present you all with this Johnny Thunders video of the same song. You got a problem with that logic? Huh?

First song, second side, Ozzy:

First song, second side, Ramones:

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I would like to take this moment to publicly thank Pagliacci for the free pizza. You were there for a brother, and that's solid. Right on.

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