Thursday, January 28, 2010


I've been fascinated with the films of Andy Milligan for years, although I can't say I've enjoyed them very much. His movies are cheap, crass, mean-spirited and ugly, but for better or worse the guy was a true artist who expressed his worldview through the lens, as this excellent biography attests.

Surgikill is one I've yet to see, but I think this brief collection of clips satisfies my curiosity satisfactorily. May I suggest tracking down The Man With Two Heads, The Ghastly Ones, The Body Beneath, Seeds, Bloodthirsty Butchers, Carnage, The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here! or his cutting edge (for 1965) experimental short subject Vapors? No? I don't blame you. He was a fascinating character, though ...

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