Saturday, September 13, 2008


Now this is a great (stupid) werewolf film. Dean Stockwell plays a White House correspondent whose rise to the top of Washington DC society is hampered by the legacy of a cursed Gypsy ... stay awake through the first half and you'll be rewarded with midgets, mad scientists and a president who loves bowling. Stockwell's character lives at the Watergate (the film was lensed before the hotel's name became shorthand for corruption), prefers to kill middle-aged women and looks more like a Malamute than a wolf once the full moon does its work. For some reason several key scenes take place in men's washrooms. Be warned, this is a Movie Macabre with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark presentation, so you'll be occasionally interrupted by the top-heavy horror hostess, but at least you don't have those annoying wisecracking robots to contend with, so relax and enjoy.

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