Wednesday, March 26, 2008



"Origin of the Hulk"

"Enter the Gorgon"


Opening Sequence

"Where Crawls The Lizard"

I lived for these cartoons as a child, primarily for the theme songs. I was crazy for theme songs and these are pretty choice. Plenty of TV shows I would watch religiously but only for the first five minutes, after which I'd lose interest and wander off lost in inner space.

Iron Man, the Mighty Thor and Captain America all had their own shows in this series as well, and along with the Adam West version of Batman (Superman in any form was a square, NOBODY liked Superman), these superheroes became an intimate part of my childhood play. The kids in my neighborhood spent hours in backyards, playgrounds and vacant lots pretending to be one hero or another in any number of improvised scenarios -- I liked being Batman best because he got to be Catwoman's boyfriend sometimes when she used her secret love spray on him. My initial introduction to the Marvel Comics universe was through these clunky, barely-animated cartoons because my mom wouldn't let me have superhero comics -- they were too violent. What an innocent time the early 70s were.

Anyhow, these cartoons are as old as I am. None of us have held up well.

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